Wednesday 19th December
2nd Rite Reconciliation 7.30pm (6pm Italian)

Monday 24th December
Vigil Mass at 6pm (Children & Family Mass)

Monday 24th December
10.15 pm Christmas Carols
11 pm Liturgy of the Midnight Mass

Tuesday 25th December
8.45am Italian Mass

Tuesday 25th December
7.30am & 10.00am English Mass


Church Location

1A Webb Street
Croydon NSW 2132
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Deanery: Deanery 4
Primary School: Primary School: Holy Innocents' School

Presbytery Address

36 Cheltenham Road, Croydon NSW 2132

Contact Details

Phone: (02) 9747 4291
Fax: (02) 9715 3363

Parish Priest: Rev Peter Krigovsky PP

Mass Times

7.30am; 8.45am (Italian); Family Mass 10.00am; 1st Sunday of the month - 4.30pm Mass for Sri Lankan Catholic Community ;2nd Sunday of the month - 11.30am Mass in Czech & Slovak language
9.15am Mass, Preceded by Rosary
9.15am Mass, Preceded by Rosary
7.00pm Mass, Preceded by Exposition, Adoration, Rosary, Benediction at 6.00pm
9.15am Mass, Preceded by Rosary
9.15am Mass, Preceded by Rosary, after Mass Exposition, Adoration, Divine Mercy Prayers, Benediction
9.15am Mass, Preceded by Rosary

Saturday 4.30pm or by appointment

We do have a hearing loop.