The Plenary Council 2020 is a gathering of the Church in Australia to take stock of where we are and work to understand the context and society around us to make decisions for the future. It provides an exciting opportunity for us to consider how we can be the presence and witness of Jesus amidst contemporary Australian society and discern the future God is calling us to as a Church.

We are presently in the first, preparatory, phase of Plenary Council which is gathering input about what’s important to create the agenda for the Plenary Council 2020. Preparation for the Plenary Council begins with open Listening and Dialogue. All people connected with the Catholic Church are invited to reflect on the question:

“What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?”

On Saturday 16th February following the 5pm Mass, you will have opportunity to provide your ideas and input about this important matter. There will be a forum (approximately one hour) in the Parish/Church Hall to provide your ideas about what you would wish of the 21st century Church in Australia. Ideas are collated and sent anonymously to the Plenary Council secretariat.

Your voice is important. All people from across the Parishes of the Archdiocese are invited to contribute to the agenda that will be developed for the Plenary Council by sharing your experience of faith and of the Church.

Like to provide input to the Plenary but can’t get to the Holy Innocents’ Plenary Council Forum: you can do this online through the Plenary Council website: (takes about 10 minutes). See for more information or contact Susan McGrath-Champ (0434526965), who is coordinating the Forum for our Parish.